Why Penguins?

In 2005 my mother had to put down Mooker, her beloved cat and companion of 16 years. She was devastated by the loss. Meanwhile, I had feral cats in my back yard. One of them deposited two brand new kittens at my back door so when they got old enough, I took the two kittens to my mother for her birthday.

I presented the two adorable kittens to her and said “Happy Birthday, Mom, I brought you these two kittens!” She looked at the kittens then looked at me and said “I’d rather have a PENGUIN than those two cats!”  So I took the cats back home with me and now, every opportunity I get, I send my mother a penguin.  Every holiday, whether it’s Christmas, St Patrick’s day or All Saints Day, I send her something in the shape of a penguin.

At last count, she had acquired over 250 penguins!  It has become “our thing.”  I have great fun finding them for her whenever I’m out and about, especially at garage sales.  And she loves to get them from me because she knows I’m thinking of her and sending her my love.

As a result, a tremendous fondness of penguins has come into my life. Every time I see one, I think of my mother and it only seemed fitting to make a penguin part of my company logo. I especially like the visual play of the penguin head and arms forming the letter A in my name…. Adams Company, Austin’s coolest home renovations.